Google Shopping Agency in Manchester

Google Shopping Agency in Manchester

Looking to take your ecommerce brand to the next level? We will ensure that potential customers find your products and convert … and Google Shopping is one of the best ways to do that.

Your Growth Partner

Amore Digital is a PPC only agency with a strong focus on Google Shopping for ecommerce brands. With our 10+ years of experience we have a proven playbook … We also have multiple case studies to back it up.

We've Grown Manchester Brands

Not getting enough sales for your store? We can complete a Google Shopping health check to discover why that’s happened and, more importantly, help you overcome it.

You can count on us to take care of all aspects of PPC. We are experts in eCommerce Google Shopping. Our case studies speak for themselves. 

We’re also based in Spaces near Manchester Oxford road, so if you wanted to grab a coffee and chat over your campaign, we’re all ears.

Weatherbeeta Case Study

Utterly Printable Case Study

Osprey London Case Study

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is king when it comes to e-commerce marketing. The ability to showcase the product value in an image, and display the price ensure some extremely qualified clicks. Amore Digital ensures you are bidding the right amount for each product, recommends tweaks to your product imagery and titles.

Grow your e-commerce business with our data driven approach to Google Shopping

Features & Benefits:

High Click-Through Rate

The ability to have large visual ads within the search results vs sole text ads often results in 1 thing = Higher Click Through Rates. This means for most retailers, Google Shopping is the main channel of choice. If you are only running text ads then you are massively missing out.

Great Performance vs Text Ads

Not only will you get a very high click through rate, but again the visual effect of Google Shopping is often more inspirational for potential customers. Not only that, but the ability to add Google Merchant promotions often means you can entice the click and subsequent sale.

Product Level Reporting

Want to see exactly which products are performing and thus increase or reduce bids based on performance? Google Shopping allows you to do exactly that. By splitting out the campaigns efficiently and ensuring each product has its own ad group, Amore Digital will work to improve ROI based at a product level.

Run Promotions to Stand Out

If you are not already running Google Shopping Promotions, Amore Digital will not only get you setup but advise on running successful promotions. Each promotion will be run with maximum impact, getting eye balls on your product, interested clicks and customers.

Reasons you should book a time to chat


Certain brands perform better across Google Shopping than others. Some brands that that are well suited tend to have:

  • Wide Product Range – So we can test different categories.
  • Bottom of funnel searches – Someone who may have a need for the product now.
  • Higher Margin – 40%+ means more room to test, although we have got lower margin businesses to work.
  • Nice Product Photos – This is one of the first things people see before they click. Better Photos = higher click through rates.

We can take a honest and no obligation look at your current Google Shopping performance. This will include aspects such as looking at the feed, imagery, campaign structure, and if you are missing any obvious settings in your campaign.

We have a proven onboarding process we use for businesses that contact us. These are:

  1. Book a discovery call to discuss your goals.
  2. Run a health check / complete audience research.
  3. Campaign setup and diagnosis.
  4. Campaign management with the aim of improving the profit of the account.

We offer something called a pricing matrix, this means it’s based on channel and spend, and means you have the room to grow and we have ample time to work on the account … win-win. 

We have benchmarked our prices versus competitors and we are extremely competitive. Although we do hope you are choosing us based on value / skillset.

To get bespoke pricing for your brand, book a discovery call. 

For most brands starting out £1k – £2k per month is an okay starting point depending on what industry you’re in and your cost per click, if you have more then great as it means more data for us to work with. If you’re just starting out, speak to us an we’ll quickly help you find our your cost per click.

Generally we like to work on the basis of an initial 3 month agreement then just a monthly rolling one after that. Generally 3 months if a good benchmark to see whether a brand is in a good position to grow from Google Shopping. Our monthly reports will showcase where you’re at and what our plans are to get you there.