Amore Digital x Osprey London: Paid Media Case Study

Amore Digital x Osprey London: Paid Media Case Study

We increased the conversion rate by 294% for Osprey London


Osprey London was started in 1980 by Graeme Ellisdon. They are a retailer of luxury leather with their primary focus being stylish bags, belts for both men and women.

Today Osprey London products are made by highly skilled craftsmen in the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal and India.

The Challenge

Osprey London had struggled to get paid search to work for the business. The cost of sale was too high to justify continuation. The summer sale was approaching, so they wanted to pursue this channel with a renewed focus, as their competitors had a strong digital presence.

How Amore Digital Helped

Knowing Osprey London had a strong brand presence offline and online, it was clear that there was an opportunity to really sell to this subset of loyal customers. Running brand PPC tests helped us ensure that this investment was going to pay dividends.

In addition to this, setting up the campaigns and splitting past and new audiences granularly, allowed them to target this subset efficiently and get a much lower COS. This, in addition to efficient bid optimisations, we were able to achieve the results required, thus helping turn Google shopping into a profitable channel for the business.

The Results

75% decrease in COS

4x spend increase

Conv Rate increase of 294%

1150% increase in conversions

Want to scale your brand?

The organisation had no in-house expertise to drive the business forward.

The online retailer partners were a growing portion of sales, and thus there was a large over reliance on this.