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We have 6+ years of experience across a wide range of businesses & industries from luxury ecommerce brands, VC backed payment processing companies to holiday park operators. We have learnt how some of the biggest brands spending 7 figures optimise paid media, while developing our own processes to suit our client’s budget.


3 Benefits of Working With Amore Digital

Passionate & ROI Focused

Amore: with love, devotion or zest. This sums up the work of Amore Digital, the whole reason we started in 2016 was because we didn’t just want to tick over clients, we wanted to ensure the work we did for clients is work we are passionate and proud about. We are selective about who we work with, and once onboarded truly care about your business goals.

Nimble and Flexible Service

Being a small consultancy, it means we can be a lot more flexible and pride ourselves on being quick to react to new ad developments and features. This means if a new feature is released by Google or Facebook you’ll be the first to know about it.

Landing Page Insights

We believe the future of digital advertising is not only personalisation, but really delivering on the customer experience once an ad has been clicked. Not only do we optimise the data before the click, but we really workout what the customer is looking for, and suggest tweaks to the website to improve conversion rates.

We’re based in the heart of the North West

Being based in Liverpool allows us to be a part of a city that’s digital development is growing rapidly, while also enabling us quick links to major cities such as Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London.

What we do

Specialists in digital advertising, Amore Digital focus on ensuring your businesses’ budget goes into the right areas. Not only do we help you decide where you should be spending budget, but we work to get the most out of what you’re currently doing.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

There are people searching for your product right now, are you in front of them? If so, are you targeting the right keywords, with snappy text ads and a smooth landing page experience?

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is king when it comes to e-commerce marketing. The ability to showcase the product value in an image, and display the price ensure some extremely qualified clicks. Amore Digital ensures you are bidding the right amount for each product, recommends tweaks to your product imagery and titles.

Social Advertising

Our approach to social advertising is extremely targeted. We collaborate with you to learn what interests your audience has, then split out your campaigns to allow us to test and learn which targeting criteria is working. We then show your target audience different offers depending on which pages they’ve viewed, and how recently they were on. Speak to us to learn more.

Display & Remarketing

One of the most effective forms of advertising is when you can show a visual offer to someone who has already been on your website aka remarketing. Display also provides your business the opportunity to get exposure on targeted websites. Amore Digital reviews potential placements, targeting and tweaks bids to ensure more exposure on areas performing well.


Landing Page Design + Insights

Not only does Amore Digital setup best in class advertising campaigns, we also do the work to ensure we are advising ways to tweak and test the landing pages.

Some of the ways we do that are below:

Heatmap & Recording Analysis

We setup tools like Hotjar to analyse your website heatmaps, and thus give insight into how the page layout could be updated. Website video recordings are also reviewed to see how users are navigating once clicking the ad. These insights can oftentimes lead to major improvement to your conversion rates.

Landing Page Creation & Tests

As a consultancy sometimes we advise that you may need to tweak a website to get the best results from Google or Facebook advertising. However, depending on budget this can be difficult. In those cases, Amore Digital uses Instapage to create a beautiful looking landing page. This helps turn those ad clicks into leads and deals.

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