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Amore Digital can offer a range of PPC and Paid Social services to suit your digital needs.


Digital Advertising Experts

Drive more traffic and conversions using our 6+ years expertise in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Google Shopping.

What we do

Comprehensive data
driven campaigns

Get a data driven approach to ensure your campaigns reach relevant audiences and boost awareness for your business.

What we do

Paid Search which
thinks differently

Optimise, reform and track performance with monthly insights from Hot Jar to increase your PPC impact - every click counts.

What we do

Pay Per Click That is
ROI and Profit Focused

The goal of any digital agency or freelancer is to ensure their clients make more money. The sole aim of Amore Digital is to get results, and help your business grow.

We have found a lot of success in Amore Digital managing our Google Ads and Google Shopping accounts. Alongside managing accounts, Amore Digital delivers Google Ads training for us and the feedback has been really positive.
Pauline Smith
Prabhat Shah
Online Seller UK

Grow your e-commerce business with our data driven approach to Google Shopping

What we do - Ecommerce
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Features and Benefits:
High CTR
The ability to have large visual ads within the search results vs sole text ads often results in 1 thing = Higher Click Through Rates.

This means for most retailers, Google Shopping is the main channel of choice. If you are only running text ads then you are massively missing out.
Great Performance vs Text Ads
Not only will you get a very high click through rate, but again the visual effect of Google Shopping is often more inspirational for potential customers. Not only that, but the ability to add Google Merchant promotions often means you can entice the click and subsequent sale.
Product Level Reporting
Want to see exactly which products are performing and thus increase or reduce bids based on performance? Google Shopping allows you to do exactly that.

By splitting out the campaigns efficiently and ensuring each product has its own ad group, Amore Digital will work to improve ROI based at a product level.
Run Promotions to Stand out
If you are not already running Google Shopping Promotions, Amore Digital will not only get you setup but advise on running successful promotions.

Each promotion will be run with maximum impact, getting eye balls on your product, interested clicks and customers.

5 Ways we optimise your businesses' Digital Advertising Performance

Keyword and Audience Research
We’ll continually be finding new profitable and relevant keywords on Google or audiences on Facebook/Insta to implement into your campaigns to ensure you are expanding market reach. Our process will also ensure you are not bidding against terms or audiences that are wasting your business money.
Device Analytics
Mobile working better than Desktop on your core campaigns? Tablet work better on your accessories campaign? This is all information that we have access to, and continually optimise for.
Time of Day Analysis
What if weekends at 2pm are your most successful period for leads… are you taking advantage of that information? Our process driven approach means your bids are continually tweaked to ensure max exposure at the best periods.
Remarketing Lists
Did you know that past website visitors are much more likely to become customers? They’re aware of your business, and in the market for what you’re offering. Amore Digital targets these visitors based on where they’ve been on the site, meaning more customers and improved digital ad performance.
Ad Copy Testing
We’ve helped businesses achieve click through rates of 5-10% in extremely competitive industries. The psychology behind our ad writing consistently performs, and gets visitors clicking to the website and converting.

Paid Social

Drive traffic and get more conversions using a social media strategy tailored to your business. We are experts when it comes to creating bespoke Facebook campaigns (we'll also do your Twitter, Instagram, Linked and Pinterest).

Facebook Advertising

Authenticity is key on Facebook, with over 1.6 billion people connected to small business on the network. Amore Digital will help break into this market with highly effective targeting and messaging which match your business objectives.

Facebook Advertising
Multi-channel advertising

Multi-channel advertising

As a business, sometimes it’s best to put all of your budget into one channel and get it working, other times it’s good to test. Amore Digital advises which channels are likely to be most effective, and where you may be missing opportunities to acquire customers profitably.

Twitter Advertising

Expand your influence and connect with new audiences using Twitter ads. We will help ampify your message across to the people who matter most, your customers. Your business goals, be it driving traffic or building an audience will be our top priority.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram offers a wide range of advertising solutions which we use for Paid Social. From Story, photo and video ads available to promote with, to carousels and collections. With the new inclusion of Sales within Instagram, there is a huge future in Paid Social.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest ads offer us the chance to earn awareness and consideration from Pinterest’s 250 million users early in their consumer journeys. We would work with you to generate promoted campaigns across engaging areas within the Pinterest platform.

LinkedIn Advertising

It couldn’t be easier to get your campaign launched on LinkedIn. With a unique campaign manager, we can manage your unique brand campaigns through Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail and Text Ads.