Amore Digital x Weatherbeeta: Paid Media Case Study

Amore Digital x Weatherbeeta: Paid Media Case Study

Adding An Additional Six Figures Of Profitable Revenue to Weatherbeeta From Paid Media


A retail business that has been successfully selling horse coats for 30 years, recently underwent a major re-development for their website. Due to this they were keen to hit the ground running and find an e-commerce focused digital advertising consultancy that can deliver results.

The Challenge

The organisation had no in-house expertise to drive the business forward.

The online retailer partners were a growing portion of sales, and thus there was a large over reliance on this.

How Amore Digital Helped

Weatherbeeta started with a modest 3 month test budget, aiming to validate the digital ads performance. A couple of years into the partnership, Amore Digital were managing a healthy six figure advertising budget that was achieving well above revenue target and producing a healthy profit for the business.

This increase in spend and revenue came from continuing to spot opportunities in the account in the form of:

The Results

The partnership between Weatherbeeta and Amore Digital was ultimately a success. Weatherbeeta ended up generating over six figures profitably from their peak period, and had consistent profitable exposure across Google, Bing and Meta Advertising across UK, USA, Germany and France.

Increased Revenue 14x from Initial Start

Conversion Rate increased from 3% to 5%

Expanded to 2x additional countries 

(US, Germany & France)

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