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Supplemental Feed For eCommerce: 5 Great Use Cases

One tool greatly underestimated in Google Shopping feed optimisation is the Supplemental Feed. The supplemental feed allows you to have the changes applied only to your product feed. It can totally r...

3 minute read

Google Shopping Title Optimisation: The Importance of a Strong Relevant Title

The title of a product is the first thing that a potential customer sees when they search for a product on Google Shopping. It's the most important aspect of your product listing and can make all...

3 minute read

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads – Which Is Best for your e-Commerce Brand?

One of the biggest questions that I get asked as a digital advertising consultant is ‘Where should my business put its marketing budget? In Facebook or Google?’ Often the cookie-cutter answer to t...

4 minute read

How To Get The Free Google Shopping Listings

A couple of days ago it was announced by Google that Google Shopping will now be allowing business to showcase product listings for free. This was a move initially planned for a few month’s ...

1 minute read

5 Google Shopping Opportunities to Implement Before 2018

This blog post is a follow up to a talk I gave at Online Seller UK in Manchester. It has a wide array of E-Commerce professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs attend. Most sell on platforms such as Ama...

5 minute read

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