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Google Shopping Title Optimisation: The Importance of a Strong Relevant Title

The title of a product is the first thing that a potential customer sees when they search for a product on Google Shopping. It's the most important aspect of your product listing and can make all...

3 minute read

7 Essential Facebook Ads Images Best Practices

Are you struggling to improve CTRs on your Facebook Ads? Does it seem like all your investment in ads goes in vain? If you answered yes, we suggest you evaluate your Facebook ads images. An irrel...

5 minute read

Best Practices for Dynamic Search Ads

Not got time to create a keyword campaign but still want an effective ad strategy? Dynamic Search Ads are great way to put your organisation in front of a large audience. Amore Digital are a paid...

2 minute read

15 Landing Page Best Practices

When creating a landing page, it is important to highlight your products and services in a way that catches the viewers eyes. Landing pages are designed for your reader to be taken to once you cl...

5 minute read

Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

As we come to the end of 2022, it is important to reflect on how things are changing in order to create a new digital marketing strategy. Below we have listed the top digital marketing trends for...

2 minute read

How to find Facebook Interests for your Product

When promoting your product, it is important to target your ads to the audience that are interested in your product. This can be done with Facebook Ads using interest-based targeting. Facebook in...

2 minute read

How to Choose Keywords for PPC

Are you considering implementing a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign but don’t know where to start? At first glance, it is easy to feel quite taken back and apprehensive on where to start with PPC. ...

3 minute read

20 Great eCommerce Facebook Ad Examples for Inspiration

Facebook Ads are a great way for ecommerce brands to connect with their customers whilst promoting their products. When putting together a social media campaign, it may seem daunting at first, we...

9 minute read

How to Assess Total Addressable Market For Search Ads

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on ‘How much should my brand on Google ads’. This tackled the question a lot of startups ask when it comes to getting started with Google ads. Too little budget...

2 minute read

How Much Should my Brand Spend on Google Ads?

One question I get asked a lot is ‘how much should my business spend on Google ads to get started?’ This is obviously a question that is extremely open-ended with a lot of variables, however th...

2 minute read

Amore Digital x Weatherbeeta: Paid Media Case Study

What the client says ...“Amore Digital were a great agency choice for us when we began Paid Advertising as we had no experience of this in house and we were looking for an agency that woul...

1 minute read

Amore Digital Partners With ITQ To Offer UX and CRO Capability

Amore Digital, the Liverpool-based PPC and paid social advertising specialist has partnered with ITQ Digital, a Bristol-based e-Commerce optimisation and support agency. Combining Amore's Paid media...

2 minute read

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads – Which Is Best for your e-Commerce Brand?

One of the biggest questions that I get asked as a digital advertising consultant is ‘Where should my business put its marketing budget? In Facebook or Google?’ Often the cookie-cutter answer to t...

4 minute read

How To Get The Free Google Shopping Listings

A couple of days ago it was announced by Google that Google Shopping will now be allowing business to showcase product listings for free. This was a move initially planned for a few month’s ...

1 minute read

12 Most Common Mistakes in A Google PPC Account + How To Fix Them

Being involved in paid search for over 6 years means I’ve personally audited dozens of Google pay per click accounts. Some spending just a few hundred a month, others tens of thousands. Without fail...

9 minute read

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Protecting Profitability

One thing a lot of people in e-commerce and digital advertising don’t like to talk about is the fact Black Friday and Cyber Monday is unprofitable for many … and it’s getting worse.There’s...

1 minute read

5 Google Shopping Opportunities to Implement Before 2018

This blog post is a follow up to a talk I gave at Online Seller UK in Manchester. It has a wide array of E-Commerce professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs attend. Most sell on platforms such as Ama...

5 minute read

The Main Pivots in an E-Commerce Businesses to Grow Revenue

E-commerce is one business model that changes constantly. There are seasonal changes such as Christmas that can make a business and nulls in Jan that can also kill it. This means you have to be respon...

2 minute read

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