20 Great eCommerce Facebook Ad Examples for Inspiration

By Ted Parry 11 November 2022 9 minute read

Facebook Ads are a great way for ecommerce brands to connect with their customers whilst promoting their products. When putting together a social media campaign, it may seem daunting at first, we have put together some Facebook Ad examples from some of the greatest eCommerce brands to inspire you to take the next step with your brand.

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Health Brand Facebook Ad Examples

1. Huel

Huel provides simple yet effective content that is based around their products, and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Source: Huel


  • The use of emojis within the ad makes it look more interesting and easier to read
  • When using product imagery, it Is important it is high-quality as this will heighten the interest of the potential customer
  • When creating an image, it is important to highlight the core benefits of the product within the image that will be easy for the potential customer to digest

2. Muscle Food

Similar to Huel, Muscle Food have created an online presence that is fun and engaging and informs the viewer of the product and potential deals available.



  • When promoting a product, using a well-known influencer is a good way to connect with your target demographic, and also expand reach with their audience.
  • To create an engaging ad, it must have a colour scheme that coincides with the brand colours. It is also a bonus when these colours contrast and stand out against the image used
  • Within the ad, an incentive of buying 10 healthy ready meals and getting 5 free is offered. This is appealing to people as an introductory offer and will make them more inclined to purchase or click the link to find out more

3. Protein Works

Protein Works focus on highlighting its product and service offering, whilst promoting their customer reviews.

Source: Protein Works


  • By using a customer review within a video, instantly this shows social proof and gives the ad a much higher chance of converting.
  • Providing limited time offers ignites something within the viewer to purchase quicker therefore by stating that the offer will soon expire, it leaves the potential customer with a feeling of anticipation, not wanting to miss out on the deal (although we would've used an exact date to heighten this once the timing got close).

4. Bulk

Bulk have taken a very trendy route by creating fun and interesting imagery and videos that will stand out to the customer, whilst aligning with their brand values.

Source: Bulk


  • The use of bold colours like red will help you stand out to the customer. Even though Bulk’s brand colours are black and white, the red adds a contrasting colour that will help to draw in the colour whilst making the products stand out.
  • Providing attractive product imagery will show the quality of the product which allows your potential customers to see the product for what it is, making them more inclined to purchase.

5. The Skinny Food Co

The Skinny Food Co have a great social media presence that shows a fun, interesting brand.

Source: The Skinny Food Co


  • The use of the colour red when highlighting the code will help it stand out to the potential customer.
  • When being transparent about pricing, this helps draw the customer further into the purchase, especially when providing a great value-for-money product. This often means that the clicks are more qualified and likely to purchase.
  • Within this specific ad, the types of meal recipes have been highlighted with the use of emojis which makes it fun for the customer, and easier to read.

6. Tails

Similar to the Moss Bros offer, Tails focus on ensuring they have risk mitigation within their offer with their 28 meals for free messaging.

Tails Facebook ad


  • Having a strong offer is paramount to a strong ad. You will often see this will subscription services, so if you have a subscription brand, this is something to think about.
  • The messaging and creative is clear to ensure the offer stands out.

7. Muscle Moose

New products going into new categories ensure that existing customers have something to be excited about, but also ensures the brand is reaching new demoraphics.


  • The green really stands out in the feed, and is also relevant to the brand as they're promoting a plant-based product.
  • Each benefit is highlighted on the ad, these are; vegan, 23g protein and 0.2g sugar.

Fashion Brand Facebook Ad Examples

8. Skims

Skims social strategy is focused on customer and influencer reviews along with highlighting their latest products.

Source: Skims


  • Creating video ads that show someone using and reviewing the product can be powerful for an organisation. It allows the brand to create trust with the potential customer.
  • Customer reviews are always important to highlight and use when marketing to potential customers.
  • Offering and highlighting free shipping is an incentive and benefit to the viewer and could be the thing that makes them purchase.

9. Moss Bros.

What's great about the below as is that there is a really strong offer. Being able to try the service for 30 days free reduces the risk involved, and means they're more likely to convert the customer down the line.

Source: Moss Bros.


  • A strong offer is extremely important with any ad, ensure yours is too.
  • The headline and copy go hand in hand, both a clean and allow the offer to stand out.

10. Adidas

Adidas has a great social media presence that focuses on making a difference.

Source: Adidas


  • Showing a model using the products is always highly effective as it draws the viewer in to see how the clothes fit on someone, and how they perform.
  • Using a simple caption within a post allows you to go straight to the point, and makes it easy for any potential customers to understand.
  • By using the logo within the imagery, it will allow the viewer to retain brand recognition, especially with a brand that has a good reputation and is well-known.

11. The Oodie

The Oodie has created a fun social media presence that helps to represent the brand and their products.

Source: The Oodie


  • Due to this being a more 'niche' product so to speak reviews are a large part of convincing users to eventually purchase.
  • Highlighting the benefits of the product within a video makes it easier for the viewer to understand the product.

Tech Brand Facebook Ad Examples

12. Samsung

Samsung provide a sleek and professional social presence that highlights their products and service offering.

Source: Samsung


  • Strong headline and sub-headline attracts attention immediately.
  • Showcasing a promotion to save money on products when purchasing is a great way to attract your potential customers, and make them want to find out more.
  • Including the logos of any partnerships or review websites is always a benefit to viewers, as they will highlight you as a trusted brand.

13. Shark

Shark has a great social media presence that informs the reader of benefits in a simple way.

Source: Shark


  • Using a carousel ad to provide more information is a great way to inform your potential customer. In this case, Shark has provided 4 benefits of the product in a fun, engaging way.
  • Linking the ad to the time of year is always a great way to attract the audience’s attention. By mentioning the start of party season, it makes the audience think forward.

14. Currys

Currys are a reputable company with a creative social media presence.

Source: Currys


  • Showing an influencer using the product will interest the customer, and allow them to see the product being used in real-time.
  • Highlighting the model number will make it easier for the customer to find the product.

15. AO

AO use a lot of product imagery to highlight their service offering, whilst also using their branding and colour scheme.


  • Relating to events coming up like the World Cup will attract the viewers’ attention and allow them to be more inclined to upgrading their current TV.
  • Using language that resonates with the potential customer will allow them to feel more connected to the brand. In this instance, AO has put as their headline ‘Score yourself a new TV’ which links to the football.

Beauty Brand Facebook Ad Examples

16. Colourpop Cosmetics

Colourpop have a very bold social strategy that is surrounded by collaborations.

Source: Colourpop 


  • The use of emojis to highlight list of products within collection is more aesthetically pleasing and attractive to potential customers
  • Using slang and language that is used links to the products and collaborations will resonate with the viewer.
  • It is important to use a colour scheme that links the brand and collaborative brand, as it will make the collaboration more visually appealing.

17. Hourglass Cosmetics

Hourglass Cosmetics have created a luxury presence on social media with their simple yet effective artwork and captions.


  • Using a video that looks like an animated photo will attract the audience’s attention. Also, when showing a product and their packaging, it is important that the artwork reflects the theming and colour scheme.
  • Although the artwork and headline is simple, it is also effective and works for the brand.

18. Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club focus their social strategy on reviews of their products including before and after shots.

Source: Smile Direct Club


  • Using before and after imagery to show results is always effective for brands, especially when there is a dramatic change as it highlights the service offering in a positive way.
  • The headline including a discount code is always attractive to a potential customer as it will allow them to see the saving and want to find out more

19. Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution are focused on their product shots and highlighting them in a fun yet visually appealing manner.

Source: Revolution Beauty


  • Advertising payment options is a great way to provide an affordable way to purchase products
  • Videos showing the products will give the customer more information on the product without having to do anything which is always a bonus for a potential customer.

20. Olaplex

Olaplex’s social media strategy focuses on highlighting their products whilst listing the benefits to their customers.

Source: Olaplex


  • Showing bundles of the products helps gives an incentive to purchase for the potential customers.
  • Making bold statements about the products will make you stand out from competitors. ‘Only system that rebuilds broken hair bonds’.

Hopefully this has sparked some ideas for your brand around your paid social creative. Keen to run or improve your campaign, but want an expert to guide you?  Simply get in touch and we'll be able to give you ideas for your brand as well as provide a quote.

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