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We’ve worked with plenty of Leicester businesses and helped them grow and become more profitable via Google ads. When harnessed properly PPC is one of the most effective channels to grow an online business. Google ads is our bread and butter, and we’ve published some amazing case studies to back it up.

Our PPC management starts with learning about your business and offering nuanced advice to improve your situation. So if you’re searching for an expert to manage your account and guide you through this process, simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch asap.

Google Ads Experts

Keyword Research

We will undertake initial keyword research to assess what the demand would be for your ecom store. Knowing roughly how many people are searching for your products or service and knowing the average cost per click would be pretty useful right? Often finding the hyper relevant keywords can pay dividends in the long run. We’ll find the best keywords, and suggest how many campaigns and which type of campaigns to deploy, leading onto our next point …

Best In Class Account Structure
All our Google ads campaigns are there to support what you’ve already done in-house. This means utilising your navigation structure, plus the info you provide around your best sellers or key services to craft the optimal campaign structure. 
By doing this we can quickly assess which campaigns are working, and thus shift budget quickly. Below the core campaigns would house the ad groups, which would contain the core keywords and ad copy. If you don’t have a landing page for key pages then we will suggest that too.
Google Shopping: Who Is it For?
Google shopping is a key driver of new customer acquisition for the majority of ecommerce brands. This is due to consumers price shopping, and also having a quick visual on the product. If you’re an ecom brand we are well positioned to manage your Google shopping campaigns

Recommended for:

  • Ecom brands with a large product range
  • Beautiful imagery that can be captured in search
  • Price sensitive consumers
Creating Ads That Get Clicked
A higher click through rate means two things, the first one being that Google rewards you with a lower cost per click, the second being you get to steal clicks from competitors.
Amore Digital have been crafting high performing ads for over 10 years. The first phase is to understand what your unique selling points are and really lean into that. Whether your product is made from Bamboo, is sustainable, made in the UK or donates a % to charity we’ll be sure to highlight that so your potential customers see the value and buy from you. 

Why Choose Amore Digital?

Seen Over 100 Accounts

With over 10 years experience, this means we've seen a lot of Google ads accounts. We know what works, we know what doesn't work. This experience can save you hours of time and money.

Boutique Offering

Small enough to care and flexible enough to grow. By working with us you get a dedicated, personable offering that can simply plug into your business as experts in Google ads and take this complex world off your shoulders without costing the earth.

PPC Experts

Since being established in 2016 our offering has been focused on PPC. We started in house at some of the biggest brands in the UK and love seeing the impact of getting PPC right. We know how Google ads works. We have spoken at events, ran training sessions and have a good reputation in the industry.

Proud to have got results for ...

PPC Case Study

After working on the campaigns for a few months, this brand went from doing around £60K per month in rev from Google to over £180k. With Google Shopping being in a great position to grow further. 

Revenue grew to £180k per month from £60k

Successful expansion into US market

Split out sub categories = quicker decisions

Who Will You Be Speaking To?

My name is Ted Parry and have over 10+ years of experience and a track record of helping UK & Leicester based businesses grow with Google ads. I initially learnt the ropes at a North West based agency, and worked at a couple of fashion brands before setting up Amore Digital in 2016.

I’ve helped businesses such as Weatherbeeta, Utterly Printable, Osprey London and more get better results from their marketing. I love speaking to new Leicester business owners about their challenges and providing solutions. 

Simply fill in your details below inc your website, name, email address and we’ll get back in touch asap.

FAQs & Location

Certain brands perform better across Google Ads than others. Some brands that are well suited tend to have:

  • Wide Product / Service Range – So we can test different categories.
  • Bottom of funnel searches – Someone who may have a need for the product/service now.
  • Higher Margin / Cost per Lead Allowance – 40%+ means more room to test, although we have got lower margin businesses at work.
  • Strong USPs – A strong unique selling point means it’s easier for us to sell your business and ultimately get the clicks to the site.

We can take a honest and no obligation look at your current Google Ads performance. This will include aspects such as looking at your keyword strategy, ad copy, campaign structure, and if you are missing any obvious settings in your campaign.

We have a proven onboarding process we use for businesses that contact us. These are:

  1. Book a discovery call to discuss your goals.
  2. Run a health check / complete audience research.
  3. Campaign setup and diagnosis.
  4. Campaign management with the aim of improving the profit of the account.

We offer something called a pricing matrix, this means it’s based on channel and spend, and means you have the room to grow and we have ample time to work on the account … win-win. 

We have benchmarked our prices versus competitors and we are extremely competitive. Although we do hope you are choosing us based on value / skillset.

To get bespoke pricing for your brand, book a discovery call. 

For most brands starting out £1k – £2k per month is an okay starting point depending on what industry you’re in and your cost per click. If you have more then great, as it means more data for us to work with. If you’re just starting out, speak to us an we’ll quickly help you find our your cost per click.