Ultimate Meta Ads Checklist

Ultimate Meta Ads Checklist

  • Over 250 Meta ads points to improve your sales for only £50.
  • Used on brands spending from as low as £1k pm to £100k+.
  •  Problem solve IOS 14.5

Create Flawless Ads

With this 250 point Meta Ads Checklist, you are able to create flawless ads that are guaranteed to deliver results. Dive into every aspect from the budget to the structure of your ad, you will leave no stones unturned.

iOS 14.5 Solved!

Since the release of iOS 14, Apple provided users with the ability to opt out of tracking which limited analytics for businesses using Meta Ads.

In this guide find ways that help to minimise the impact of IOS 14.5, and get the true attribution to what your meta ads are delivering.

Top 4 Meta Ad Mistakes

1. Creative

When creating an ad, it is very easy to create something that goes against the algorithm. Whether this be ad copy that isn't interesting and unrelated image or an irrelevant landing page. We have provided a checklist that will ensure your creative delivers great results.

2. Structure

The structure of your ad is so important and choosing goals that aren't relevant to your campaign could be the downfall of why you aren't converting. It is so important to have a structured campaign with relevant audience types, goals and a budget that will allow you to convert.

3. Product

Looking towards the product, the mistake surrounding this would be not highlighting the features or product in a way that is relevant to your audience or relevant to the Meta algorithm. Keeping both these in mind will be how you make a campaign succeed.

4. Bidding

The world of bidding is complex, it is hard to know how much of a budget to put on each day. Sometimes, organisations will throw a substantial amount of money at a campaign or ad for it to not deliver the results and it goes the other way too. They could create a strong ad to then not bid enough money for it to reach it's maximum potential.

Know you are making these mistakes?

Small actionable steps to improve your businesses return on ad spend:

Most businesses waste thousands on ads with poorly optimised structure, targeting, 

Checklist sneak peak ...

I'm Sold, how does it work?

Our checklist provides you with a range of different categories to work through.


This looks at the setup of the facebook page and meta ad account.


This covers the facebook pixel and provides tips on how to target the user.


This checklist helps you to create and manage ads that appeal to the user and create results.


This goes into depth on the pixel and google analytics to ensure you are setup correctly.


This looks towards the budgeting and product catalogs relevant if you have an ecommerce business.

Who created the checklist?

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Amore Digital is a PPC and paid social agency based in Liverpool. 

Authenticity is key on Facebook, with over 1.6 billion people connected to small business in the network. Amore Digital will help break into this market with highly effective targeting and messaging which match your business objectives.

There’s no business or website too big or too small for us either, as we have worked with one-man bands and blue-chip companies.

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“Highly recommend this service! Ted has been great and helped our Brand achieve great results. Strategy is everything and Ted will put you on the right path. He has always been super quick at getting ads up and making requested changes when needed!”
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Oliver Tarpey, Connectd.co
"Ted has worked closely with myself on multiple projects, most notably for a luxury high street retailer and a London based prop tech solution. Ted has a deep understanding of the search marketing world and digital advertising more widely. He's been invaluable in optimising our clients search performance, and I highly recommend engaging his services."
Alex Dibble, Osprey London

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’ve just started running ads or are spending six figures a month, this checklist is a good guide to ensure you’re on the right track and setting things up porperly from the get go.

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