Amore Digital x The Straits: Google Ads Case Study

Amore Digital x The Straits: Google Ads Case Study

About The Business

The Straits is an exciting and exclusive new lodge development, with luxurious lodges and pristine grounds.

Situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, the park sits right on the banks of the spectacular Menai Strait with glorious views surrounded by many towns and places of historical significance.

The Challenge

A few weeks into peak season and the phone wasn’t ringing. The Straits already had some Google Ads campaigns that weren’t performing so contacted Amore Digital to improve the performance,

How Amore Digital Helped

The Results

After working with Amore Digital for a few months, The Straits were getting consistent appointments every month and started selling some of their exclusive lodges.

Additional 12 Appointments per Month

3x Lodges Sold After 3 Months

1 Happy Client

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