Amore Digital x Vintage Fashion Retailer: Google Shopping Case Study | £60k to £180k on a 4x roas

Amore Digital x Vintage Fashion Retailer: Google Shopping Case Study | £60k to £180k on a 4x roas

About The Business

A fashion brand founded in 2016 that celebrates timeless and vintage-inspired style. With a strong emphasis on nostalgia and retro aesthetics, the brand offers a wide range of clothing and accessories designed to evoke a sense of charm and femininity. Their collections often draw inspiration from various decades, incorporating elements from the 1940s, 1950s, and beyond, creating unique and whimsical pieces for women.

The Challenge

The brand had major ambitions to grow and wanted to do so with minimal impact to the roas on the account. One of the core challenges was a consolidated campaign structure, with no insight into which sub categories were performing well.

How Amore Digital Helped

Used Shoptimised to Split Out Product Types

Previously the brand was running a consolidated campaign structure whereby a campaign would show all dresses, playsuits, swimwear across their core categories. This meant the brand knew dresses were performing well, but not which sub section.

The goal was to assign new product types with Shoptimised meaning we could see exactly which style or collection within dresses was performing well. It also meant smarter bidding across the account.

Implemented a New YouTube Ads Strategy

This brand had some really good creative video pieces which were amplified well across Paid Social. Knowing this, the campaigns were split across two core audiences: Prospecting & Remarketing. Both reels and 1 min videos were tested. In some cases we saw a 7x roas from this YouTube ads strategy.

Successful Expansion Into USA

This brand had its core presence in the UK. However there was a bubbling demand from the USA that wasn’t tapped into fully. Due to this we set out to take as much learnings as we could from the UK account. By doing this we ensured all the best selling categories had coverage in the USA and was able to spend 5x what it previously could while keeping ROAS strong.

Complemented Search Ads With Image Extensions

Although Shopping was a core driver for this brand, we wanted to ensure the search ads were represented in the best way. By using dynamic search ads and a converted keywords campaign, we were better able to tell the brand story by utilising the strong creative within search.

The Results

After working on the campaigns for a few months, this brand went from doing around £60K per month in rev from Google to over £180k. With Google Shopping being in a great position to grow further. 

Revenue grew to £180k per month from £60k

Successful expansion into US market

Split out sub categories = quicker decisions

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