Amore Digital x First 4 Lawyers: Paid Media Case Study

Amore Digital x First 4 Lawyers: Paid Media Case Study

We increased First 4 Lawyers lead volume by 913.47%


Founded in 2008 First 4 Lawyers have solicitors that advise on everything from medical negligence, employment issues, house buying and sales, to property conveyancing, civil law and small claims.

The Challenge

There were a few key Facebook ad challenges First 4 Lawyers were struggling with. The first is they were struggling to acquire leads during the key times when their service centre staff were in place. Thus, when they did acquire a lead it was often cold, meaning their lead conversion rate was low. Their CPA was also quite high, meaning a high cost and a low return on investment for the business.

How Amore Digital Helped

Knowing the above information Amore Digital set out to ensure three things:

One-way Amore Digital achieved this was by updating the Facebook campaign structure to focus on granularity. This enabled the budget to be funnelled into more profitable ad sets. Due to the strong brand presence of First 4 Lawyers, lookalikes were utilised and brought up the overall profitability of the account. Adverts were created to focus on emotion, and thus the lead conversion rate was strong.

The Results

371.51% increase in spend

913.47% increase in lead volume

30% below agreed CPA target

Want to scale your brand?

The organisation had no in-house expertise to drive the business forward.

The online retailer partners were a growing portion of sales, and thus there was a large over reliance on this.