5 Quick Wins For Paid Search Marketers

By Ted Parry 3 March 2017 3 minute read
Quick-Wins BlogSo you’ve just been tasked to clean up a clients paid search account and you’ve got some looming deadlines? Don’t panic! The great thing about PPC and digital marketing in general is the fact you have vast amounts of data to work with. Use this to your advantage and you'll be getting pats on the back in no time.

Spend Reinvestment

Without a doubt one of the best ways you can see a quick turnaround of an account is by simply reinvesting your budget into more efficient areas. If you’re an ecommerce business you will have metrics such as Cost of Sale (Spend / Revenue) or if you’re B2B it will Cost Per Action (Spend / Conversion).

A simple way to do this is to download the account at campaign or ad group level on the last 30 days and sort by your highest spenders. From this you can sort them by your highest COS campaigns and make adjustments by lowering bids or even pausing certain areas if they’re really unprofitable.

Landing Pages

When it comes to improving your account, landing pages are another area that can provide quick wins. Just like spend re investment where you prioritised your highest spenders, you should do the same for your landing pages. Often you will be surprised to see that certain pages aren’t performing how you’d expect and that there are much better options out there for your website. For example when you’re bidding on red size 8 boots, you should send them to a landing page that fits those requirements rather than a generic boots page.

Ad Copy

There are 2 things every good ad must have:
  • 1) A Clear Value Proposition
  • 2) Relevant to The Searcher

  • If you can nail these two things in most cases you won’t have to worry too much. Your ad copy can become a quick win if there’s plenty of generic ads that be made more relevant, or you’re not really selling the value that your website brings.

    Yet again sort by your highest spenders and see which of your ads gets the lowest click through rate and look to optimise towards this metric, it will often lower your cost in the long run.

    Mobile Bid Mods

    Often times paid search marketers will look at their account performance as a whole but not realise that mobile often times drives a lot of the spend (recent studies state for a lot of digital businesses it’s close to 50%+). However the good news is that you can have control over this. Google allows you to bid at campaign level on mobile whether that’s -100% to not show any mobile ads, or +300% when you want to be really aggressive.

    When the prominence of mobile continues to grow, if you’re ignoring this you’re potentially wasting a lot of your money (if you don’t have a mobile optimised site), or losing out on incremental revenue if mobile is performing well and you’re not capitalising by pushing bids.

    Search Terms To Exact

    If you’re setting up your search campaigns properly you should have both broad and exact campaigns set up. If this is the case you should look at what broad campaigns are performing well and which keywords are driving that. From there you should start adding those search terms into exact campaigns. This will enable you to tailor your landing pages and your ads more to increase your conversion rate, lower your cpc costs and overall profitability of your campaigns.

    The above tips aren’t the only things you can do to optimise a paid search account but if you’re looking for making some quick wins they’re not a bad call. Be sure to always priortise all of your changes where you’ll see the biggest impact in profitability.

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