Best Practices for Dynamic Search Ads

By Ted Parry 1 January 2023 2 minute read

Not got time to create a keyword campaign but still want an effective ad strategy? Dynamic Search Ads are great way to put your organisation in front of a large audience.

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What are Dynamic Search Ads?

Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) are an easy alternative to finding customers who are actively searching for your product or service. In order for this to work, the relevant URLs for the campaign need to be identified. Google will then crawl these pages, pulling out the relevant information that is needed for when users input their search query. It is up to you to create the ad copy including the headlines and descriptions however, the landing page is dynamically chosen to reflect the search query.


  • Save a lot of time that would’ve been spent sourcing and testing relevant keywords
  • Using data from your existing keyword campaigns, your DSAs will gain further traffic and leads
  • Gain new prospects faster than any other ad type
  • DSAs help to gain traffic and leads for organisations through targeted campaigns
  • Using this type of ad will ensure the campaigns are creating DSAs surrounding what people are searching for, showing up in relevant places

Top Tips

  1. Google chooses the most appropriate URL to attach to your ad. Ensure you highlight certain pages you don’t want the ad to be linked to in order to improve the accuracy.
  2. Ensure you have optimised landing pages with good spelling and grammar to allow crawlers to identify your page. You also need to take into consideration your page-speed as this can also affect the crawlers accuracy.
  3. Although DSAs don’t use keywords, it is possible to highlight the negative keywords to keep the campaign as relevant as possible
  4. Ensure you are using strong CTAs within your ad copy that entices users to take action.
  5. Remember that solely using DSAs could potentially affect your ad account overall. DSAs build up a broad audience whereas other ads will use high-value keywords to have a niche targeted audience.

Dynamic Search Ads are a great way to reach a broader audience, if you are interested in finding out more, get in touch.

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