Don’t Buy Her Flowers: Digital Marketing Plan

Don't Buy Her Flowers: Digital Marketing Plan

By Amore Digital

What's in the plan?

This mini plan focuses on the core areas I feel would make the most sense for Don’t Buy Her Flowers across both Meta and Google Ads.

This is primarily based on what can be seen online and via tools. As a next step it would be great to jump on a call, upon which we can potentially arrange a formal audit or an expansion of this plan including SEO.

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Google Ads

Keyword Research

Based on initial keyword research don’t buy her flowers is in a market where there are over 400,000 searches a month across various terms.  The average cost per click on the low end is around £0.50 per click. 

With a solid keyword research strategy it would ensure the business has exposure across the most important products in the portfolio.

Ad Copy – New Callouts & Sitelinks

The proposed ad on the left builds upon the initial ad. Some of the core things that would be advised for the ad copy would be to include usps such as Free Delivery, 14 Day Returns. On top of this it would be advised to ensure that each ad has relevance to the keyword that was searched for. This ensures a lower cost per click across the board and better click-through rates.

Proposed Structure

The image attached depicts an example of the campaign structure I would propose. For e-commerce stores the best way to setup the campaigns is to focus it around the core nav structure on the website. This enables you to quickly assess which campaigns are working, and thus shift budget quickly. Below this would be the ad groups which would sit underneath, this would contain the core keyword and ad copy.

Google Shopping Focused on Ready Made Boxes

Due to the product mix being very visual with the care package hampers, Google shopping will be a key driver of new customer acquisition. Similar to the search ads I would suggest a campaign structure similiar to the site nav. I would also review product groups to ensure the product approval rate is 90%+.

Meta Ads

Creative Strategy

In terms of Meta ads strategy I would look to implement video assets alongside the carousel ads you are running. One area we’ve found success with is using USP based text overlays to really drum home why the user should click through to the website.

Proposed Structure
The proposed structure in the associated image highlights the approach I often undertake when it comes to Meta ads structure. TOF is top of funnel and often cold interest based audiences, alongside lookalikes. MOF is middle of funnel where you are retargeting people engaged with Insta & FB, as well as homepage and category viewers. BOF is bottom of the funnel where you’d be targeting basket abandoners, your email list and upselling past purchasers.

Proud to have got results for ...

e-commerce case study

After working on the campaigns for a few months, this brand went from doing around £60K per month in rev from Google to over £180k. With Google Shopping being in a great position to grow further. 

Revenue grew to £180k per month from £60k

Successful expansion into US market

Split out sub categories = quicker decisions

Want a more in-depth plan?

Who prepped this?

My name is Ted Parry and have over 10+ years of experience and a track record of helping e-commerce businesses.

I’ve helped e-commerce brands such as Weatherbeeta, Utterly Printable, Osprey London and more get better results from their marketing.