Amore Digital x Weatherbeeta: Paid Media Case Study

By Ted Parry 1 January 2022 1 minute read

What the client says ...

“Amore Digital were a great agency choice for us when we began Paid Advertising as we had no experience of this in house and we were looking for an agency that would be able to both manage the campaigns and educate our team. Ted patiently worked with us to determine what we were looking to achieve , setting everything up for us and working closely with our team to create the adverts and artwork that would be needed to manage our campaigns for our two key brands across 4 countries.

Initially, we ran just PPC advertising but under Teds’ guidance, we added Bing ads, Google Shopping & Facebook advertising, which improved our advertising performance even further. Amore Digital are an ideal partner to work with, taking the time to talk through all aspects of our campaigns in regular review calls, making suggestions on improvements so that we always knew how our campaigns were performing, and happy to adapt campaigns to fit our business requirements.”

Lynne Westwood, NH eCommerce Marketing Manager, Weatherbeeta


Accumulative cost and revenue across all core digital advertising channels. Inc:

- Google PPC (Text and Shopping)
- Bing Ads
- Facebook & Insta Ads

Background & How results were achieved ...

Weatherbeeta started with a modest 3-month test budget, aiming to validate the digital ads performance. A couple of years into the partnership Amore Digital were managing a healthy six-figure advertising budget that was achieving well above revenue target, and producing a healthy profit for the business.

This increase in spend and revenue came from continuing to spot opportunities in the account, in the form of:

- New campaigns
- New profitable channels
- Data optimisation
- Refreshing ad creative & testing
-Advising on landing page improvements
- Great client communication and calls
- Really developing an understanding of the business
- much much more ...

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